I was staying somewhere unfamiliar and high up in the mountains, not high enough that I couldn't breathe well but high enough that despite the afternoons being hot there was always a thick layer of frost in the morning. I kept running through it barefoot, and it surprisingly wasn't that cold. One night I slept there with the door unlocked, which is normally something I am very paranoid about, but I was surprisingly relaxed when I realized I never locked it.

I was standing on an outer platform on a train, with the ground beneath me suddenly sending the train car hurtling upwards before crashing back down, like 12 feet waves sending a boat to rock.

As it turns out the area somehow had flooding so bad it covered everything, even fully engulfing the train. Some cars were derailed, but the one i was on just got disconnected from the rest. I don't know where this train was going but i knew i couldnt be left behind. There were three others with me, one being my boyfriend. The others could fly or teleport somehow so i grabbed my boyfriend and managed to fly too, and we were able to land on the cars in front of us. This happened a few more times, each time cars were decoupled, but eventually we made it to our destination.

At this point it started to feel more like running away from something than running towards something. There was a massive building where the train stopped, with some carts and a few horses. Not nearly enough to transport everyone who was there, sitting around and waiting for the next journey. Another train rushed by, this time intact as the water had mostly run off, but it was empty. It made me think there was no one left behind us.

Originally I was going to take one of the horses, but I saw a lot of people just gathering outside on foot so I joined them. There was a lost kid, so I helped him find his family, but I don't remember anything after that.
I had another dream, later in the morning. In it my little brother was somehow water skiing without anything pulling him, and he was in a lap swimming pool. The pool was missing a wall at one end, simply opening up into the ocean. My brother lost control of the skiies and ended up way out in the ocean, so i had to go swim out and get him despite wearing a hoodie and shorts. My phone fell out of my pocket too, but i realized quickly and was able to grab it before it sank (in my dream it was waterproof, it isnt irl). I got my brother and we swam back to the pool part, and in the lane we had been in there was a father holding his hands out so his daughter would hit his hands when she finished a lap instead of backstroking all the way out to sea.

I dreamt that we (myself and a few other people, they were probably family members but it was vague and I don't remember who they were) had a lot of dogs, and we didn't really leash them or even fence them in. We had little ones, medium ones, and one big guard dog that kept the others in line. There was a sick dog with a broken chain around its neck, and we couldn't let it interact with the others at all since we didn't want the sickness to spread. I wasn't worried at all about it getting the other dogs sick, because I had a lot of faith in the big guard dog. As I predicted, as soon as the sick dog got close the big dog fought it off.

Then I was in Minnesota, swimming in a lake with my cousin. I was a mermaid so I could breathe underwater, but I'd lost my tail somehow so I was wearing flippers. Katie and I swam for a while. Eventually she asked if we should head back, and I said that we'd be fine even far out from shore because the water was a lot calmer than the ocean would be. Almost immediately the waves got taller and stronger, like the ocean in a storm, and I couldn't keep my head above the water. I tried swimming against the waves to see if I was strong enough, but I didn't really get anywhere. I got scared and told my cousin that we should get out of the water, and then I woke up.

Last night i dreamt i was playing a star wars rpg, dnd style. My character was a harpy, and the group's goal was to find some of the mandalorian metal. I had a wing cloak was like scale chain mail made from it, except the scales were feather shaped. I could fly but it was taxing so i didnt do it much.

I dreamt that I was a young harpy without wings and I lived in a world where some event had uprooted trees and houses alike, leaving them perilously dangling in the sky. The houses swayed and shook but the trees were relatively stable, having grown together with sturdy vines. My friend was a blue and yellow macaw, I don't remember his name or how we met but I know I liked being up in the trees with him better than being on the ground. The macaw was joined by a grey parrot (aptly named Gray), and both could speak just like humans could. We all talked for a while, then I started to make my way back down to the surface which included jumping between suspended vines and trees. Gray seemed concerned, flying around nervously, but the macaw called out to him, "Don't worry, he has wings." I watched myself from the birds' perspective for a bit until I was just climbing down a massive tree. I don't remember actually reaching the surface, since the dream changed suddenly, but next thing I knew I was an adult (age 21) and I was on a competitive team of fliers. We flew in military looking planes as some type of sport, and I wanted to keep playing as much as possible, to keep going to the top of the "floating forest." I was reading this book set up like a manga but the panels animated themselves, and one displayed something like "____Corp gave me laser powers!" which animated into a scene of a bounty droid wiping out a bunch of evil robots with his new laser beam. It was 100% propoganda, I don't remember the company's name but they were the ones who made the planes and sponsored the plane sport.

I had forgotten about Gray and the macaw, but they hadn't forgotten about me. I couldn't remember why I wanted to fly so bad, but I did want to see them again.

There's a ghost animal who was part of a death pact with another who didn't die when they did, and the dreamer is stuck needing help with something from said ghost.

"I was part of a death pact, but my partner still breathes. Obviously I don't need you to hunt him down, but it would be nice for him to be held to his promise. If you live in places-"

"I live in places."

"- and if there's any way I can help you, I will not help you. Good day."

I dreamt I was friends with a young ghost that I called the "boy in the box." The story was told in two parts, in the first he wasnt a ghost yet but he was in the second.

Part 1
The kid was around 7-8 and seemed pretty bratty, like a spoiled little prince. I taught him how to swim, and then he promptly jumped in a way too difficult wave pool and I had to drag him out to keep him from drowning. His parents considered me his unofficial retainer i guess so i was tasked with keeping an eye on him. The Iowa Pfeilers were also visiting, and we were trying to make dinner plans in the early afternoon and I was only partially present for this part. The kid said a few things that seemed odd but i quickly forgot them, then later really wished i hadnt forgotten.

Part 2
This time i was a little older and i worked in a really small, old school. There was only about one class per grade, and usually i was around during lunch and recess to watch kids. One kid always came up to me during recess and we would play together. He was around 10, and hardly ever seemed to be noticed by anyone else.

One day i went to ask a teacher sitting on a bench something, and when i said "excuse me" a few times to get her attention she didnt move, didnt even blink. I went to try to shake her leg or something, and just before i touched her another teacher came up to me and asked what was wrong. When i looked back at the unmoving teacher she was just a doll, much smaller than a human but with an uncannily realistic face. I shook it off and went back to work watching the kids play.

Physics affected the one kid less and less it seemed, until one day my hand would just go straight through him. He pulled me aside and said he had a secret for me, and i promised to listen and keep it. He told me about a movie that he should have watched, how the end of the previews (and the time) had been announced. He pulled at his older brothers hand, but his brother did not move and just looked menacingly down at him. The little brother got a bit spooked by that, so he went to find his mom in the theater. She was sitting right by the entrance in full view, her head lolling back and her eyes wide and blank. The little brother started crying and went to approach her, turning back to his big brother for help. He still looked just as menacing, and this is where my involvement in the story ended. It seemed the kid didnt remember what happened next, but i could fill in the gaps. His brother had killed him and (presumably based on the fact that i called the kid the "boy in the box") put his body in a box that he hid somewhere.

The scene changed and now the ghost was older (closer to my age), sadder, but he understood things now. The older brother was no longer much older, he hadnt aged a day since the previous scene. He started to try and hit the younger brother, somehow aware of his presence, and his fists just went right through. The ghost said he couldnt hurt him anymore. I dont remember much after this

I was a skeleton, cold and unmoving. Permanent. You were something colorful, something warm and soft and pulsing with life that lived among my empty bones. We flourished in each other's company, and we found comfort in our differences. The steady rythm of your life eased my weary bones, and you found solace in my permanence. You grew and swelled within my hollow chest, until you filled every space that had been empty before.